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Everyone is on the hunt for high-quality sales leads. Luckily, we here at ContactDB provide just that, and a lot more. We are a telemarketing company that has extensive experience in the field of generating sales leads and in providing professional telemarketing services to many clients ever since we started out in 2004.

Simply put, we are in the business of providing quality sales leads database to many companies within a wide array of industries. We pride ourselves of being in possession of thousands of B2B leads, numerous business contact lists, calling lists, and an extensive database that just keeps getting larger everyday as we keep going at it! If you need leads, lists and databases, you can bet that ContactDB can provide you with what you need, even customized lists.

So, are you in need of high-quality B2B sales leads? Or perhaps you are looking for business contact and calling lists to supplement your marketing campaign? Be it your need for lists or leads, ContactDB is your database provider, list broker / seller, and source of leads!


ContactDB is home to professional and expert telemarketers that do lead generation. As such, we are an all-around provider for many types of sales leads, contact lists, and entire contact databases.

How do we do it?

Our process involves making use of telemarketing tactics such as doing lead generation through cold-calling. Cold-calling is regarded as one of the best ways to do lead generation and no one can do it better than professionals in the field of telemarketing. With that in mind, we take pride in being a telemarketing company that employs highly skilled staff to handle our lead generation campaigns and generate all our leads, lists, and fill up our contact database with even more leads.


How do we do it?

We give you more than just access to the people and information needed for successful targeted campaigns. While our secure Data Integrity Guarantee ensures 100% accurate and updated lists, we want our clients to acquire the most opportunities by giving the expert lead generation tools and teams for maximized results.

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